Learn why high flotation tyres provide positive results to your crops

Farmers are always looking for technologies that reduce crop damage and, consequently, increase productivity. Among the factors that affect the results in the crop field is soil compaction caused by machine and implement traffic. To reduce compaction, Stara provides high flotation tyres on its machines.

With better weight distribution per contact area, high-flotation radial tyres have a larger base and apply less pressure on the ground, softening compaction. Among the benefits of less compacted soil and higher soil aeration is the greater absorption of water and nutrients. These characteristics improve root development, providing more uniform plant growth and productivity increase.

The high-flotation tyres also have greater traction force and stability, ensuring the machine high performance. Due to their structure, these tyres produce smaller furrows in the soil, preventing erosion.

The planters, seeders, the new Bruttus 12000 and Super Bruttus 30000 feature high-flotation tyres, and the Reboke agricultural carts have these tyres as optional components. With a longer lifespan and great cost-benefit, high-flotation tyres improve soil quality and provide positive results to your crops.

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