Stara family holds clothes and food collection campaigns

Throughout its more than 60 years of history, Stara is always promoting actions to help people in need. As is already traditional at this time of the year, Stara held a campaign to collect clothes and food.

The campaign encouraged employees from the three units located in the cities of Não-Me-Toque (headquarters), Carazinho, and Santa Rosa during June month. 4,811.40 kg of food was collected in total, and Stara tripled the kilo of food for each kilo of food given by the employees. Additionally, the company collected 4,896 pieces of clothing and 311 pairs of shoes. The donations benefited 21 entities from six towns in the region.

One of the entities was the Association to Benefit Children (ASBAM) from Non-Me-Toque, which helps more than 90 children by providing educational assistance and food. The coordinator of the institute, Mônica Hahn Florêncio, points out that the donations were positive. “We notice how much Stara transforms. It is always considerate to others. We are so glad that Stara has this sensibility, because, many times, a small gesture can make a lot of difference”, emphasizes Mônica.

This campaign is one more action from the Stara Family that aims to help families from all over the region.

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