Smart 4-Wheel Steering System: less crop damage and higher productivity

How many times does your machine enter the crop field and cause crop damage by the wheels? The applications, whether herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, or fertilisers cause crop damage, and as a consequence, reduce productivity. In order to reduce this damage, Stara has engineered the Smart 4-Wheel Steering System.

The Smart 4-Wheel Steering System allows the rear wheels to follow the path of the front wheels when making turns or when the terrain is uneven. This technology reduces crop damage up to 45% over the boundary and steering procedures in your crop field. As a result, it avoids productivity losses.

Its turning radius is 42% shorter than conventional systems, making steering procedures easier, especially in smaller areas.

The Smart 4-Wheel Steering System works with TD3 auto steering and is available on the Top version of Imperador 3.0 and Imperador 2000, and as an optional feature on Imperador 3000 and 4000 models, as well as on Hércules 4.0.

Smart 4-Wheel Steering System, one more technology to increase the productivity of your crops.

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